B1G IPTV 12 Month Subscription

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Choose from over 93,000 Movies & TV Shows with Video On Demand (VOD) access, along with a selection of 21,000+ Premium Channels. Experience uninterrupted viewing with Anti-Freeze™ 3.1 Technology, compatible with TVBox, Smart TV, and FireStick. Enjoy around-the-clock active support every day of the year. Perfect for single device users with access to Pay-Per-View (PPV) Live Channels.


B1G IPTV 12 Month Subscription: Your Ultimate Entertainment Gateway

Tired of endlessly searching for something to watch on cable? Craving a vast selection of movies, TV shows, and live sports? Look no further than B1G IPTV’s 12-month subscription – your ticket to a world of non-stop entertainment!

Unrivaled Content Variety

Say goodbye to channel limitations. With over 21,000 premium channels and a staggering 93,000+ movies and TV shows on demand (VOD), you’ll always find something to captivate you. From Hollywood blockbusters and international dramas to documentaries and classic sitcoms, our extensive library caters to every taste and mood.

Sports Fanatic’s Paradise

Calling all sports enthusiasts! B1G IPTV is your one-stop shop for live sports action. Catch every thrilling moment of the ICC T20 World Cup, along with a wide array of other sports events from around the globe. Never miss a game, goal, or knockout punch again!

Cutting-Edge Technology for Seamless Streaming

We understand the frustration of buffering and lag. That’s why B1G IPTV utilizes AntiFreeze™ 3.1 technology, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted streaming on your preferred devices. Enjoy crystal-clear picture quality and seamless playback on your TV Box, Smart TV, FireStick, or other compatible devices.

Unwavering Support, Anytime, Anywhere

Have a question or need assistance? Our dedicated support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure you have the best possible viewing experience. We’re committed to providing top-notch customer service and addressing any concerns you may have.

Why B1G IPTV Stands Out

  • Massive Content Library: Over 93,000+ movies and TV shows, plus 21,000+ premium channels.
  • Live Sports Extravaganza: Catch all the major sporting events worldwide.
  • AntiFreeze™ Technology: Experience smooth, uninterrupted streaming.
  • 24/7 Support: Get help anytime you need it.
  • Wide Device Compatibility: Watch on your TV, computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Affordable Pricing: Enjoy 12 months of premium entertainment at a competitive price.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easily navigate through the extensive content library.

Your Entertainment, Your Way

With B1G IPTV, you’re in control. Watch what you want, when you want, on your terms. We’re more than just an IPTV provider; we’re your partner in entertainment. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, movie buff, or binge-watcher, B1G IPTV has something for everyone.

Join the B1G IPTV Family Today

Don’t settle for mediocre entertainment. Upgrade to B1G IPTV and experience the future of television. Sign up for our 12-month subscription and unlock a world of endless entertainment possibilities.

Best IPTV: B1G IPTV 12 Month Subscription of Premium Entertainment

Get the best IPTV service with B1G IPTV's 12-month subscription. Enjoy smooth streaming, 24/7 support, and a user-friendly interface. Watch your favorite content on any device, anytime, anywhere

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After installing Downloader app, Lunch Downloader app.

Once you open it you will see something like this on your screen.

Now we will download our apps using this downloader.

Install any one of the below apps. These all apps have different layouts you can choose 1 of your choice. If 1 app doesn’t work properly please try the other.

Option 2: Fast Smarters Player: https://iptvuk.uk/smarters.apk or Enter the code 160027 in the Downloader app to load the destination URL.

After installing our app, you will be asked to enter the Username & Password which we have sent you by email.

To get your username and password you have to buy our iptv subscription.

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